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Herbiotics Rexio D Tablets Pakistan

Herbiotics Rexio D Tablets Pakistan. The main mineral in bones is calcium, most kids do not get the calcium they need from diets alone. They need calcium for optimal bones mineralization to help their bones grow strong & healthy. Calcium adds strength to bones to support the body. Providing your child with enough calcium is important to form a strong skeleton.
With added Vitamin D, the calcium your kids need is better absorbed. This ensures that they get the optimal amount of calcium to their bones Vitamin D moves calcium from the intestine to the bloodstream and into the bones. These calcium with vitamin D tablets aid in developing maximum bone density, while helping teeth, gums & jawbones remain healthy.

Benefits Of Rexio D Tablets

  • Chewable Tablets for Kids.
  • Helps to maintain Strong and Healthy Bones & Teeth.
  • Helps minimize the symptoms of Rickets & weak Bones.
  • Helps in Muscle Contraction & Relaxation.
  • Helps Boost Immunity.

How To Use Rexio D

Take 1 tablet daily as a food supplement with meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose

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